Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Naming your garden | from my beneficial plant journal

The beginnings of my Insectary Garden
With over two acres to maintain, I don't have a garden. I have garden areas. The 'area' I'm working on now is a spot I managed to salvage from the rocks and fox tail and Bermuda grass, but never fully developed. I used it to plant things I didn't know where else to put.

The comfrey is maturing now as is the fennel, lemon geranium and pineapple sage. It's the perennial 'bones' my Insectary Garden, kind of like a salad bar for the otherwise carnivorous beneficial insects. I plan to fill the rest of it with annuals--members of the daisy family and wildflowers.

It's managed to survive my neglect, like it was waiting patiently to become something more when I had the time. Now that it has a name, it has a whole new new identity. The name invites me to take care of it better.

Yesterday I was able to spread out some nice organic garden soil around the fennel, comfrey and lemon geranium and I had my first beneficial inspect spotting--a tiny lacewing on the downy green fennel and a lady bug on the comfrey.

Hey, I'm not even done yet and they're already here!

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