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Back notes: planted veggie garden about May 18th. Late in season, but it was cold, windy and rainy this spring. Always found that late plantings do fine, because as soon as it heats up everything goes gangbusters which is what is happening now. Also, I think I have less problems with bugs with later plantings. 
June 4, 2013
There's a heat wave coming later this week. Supposed to be 107 on Friday and 112 on Saturday, but this morning it's 62 and absolutely perfect. I took advantage of an early rising and went outside shortly after 6 a.m. Planted two yarrows, a coreopsis and Fernleaf dill in the Beneficial Garden. 
Got a couple of wheelbarrow loads of shredded mulch from tree trimmings and spread it around. Looking nice! 
The second section still needs weeding, mostly Bermuda grass. Horrible stuff in the wrong places, but I got a good start. 
With some help from my hubby, we got a couple of old wire panels staked up for the cucs that are already sending out climbing tendrils. 
Wonderful way to start the day!

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